sciNote is Free for everyone

Free Cloud

Free Cloud is suitable for individual users or teams of any size. 


What’s included

  • sciNote account with full functionality

  • One Team with 1 GB of free storage

  • Unlimited number of users within your Team

  • Managing privileges of your Team

  • Secure data storage with automatic backup

Need more space or more teams?

When you use up your free 1 GB storage space, you can purchase Additional Storage for $9/month with which you will get:

  • Additional Team with 100 GB of storage

  • E-mail and phone support


To buy additional storage you need a sciNote account. If you already have one just:

  1. Log in and go to Settings in the right top of the dashboard.

  2. Select My teams and click on the New team button.

  3. Enter your Team’s info and select ADDITIONAL STORAGE billing plan and purchase it. 


Are you running a lab and teaching students? Check out sciNote PIs and Students Plan

Validated Cloud

If you work in a regulated environment with confidential information and compliance requirements, we suggest using sciNote on a validated cloud.


What’s included

  • Your separated instance of sciNote hosted on a validated cloud compliant with a number of standards of your choice

  • Encrypted connection

  • E-mail and phone support


Schedule a non-obligatory meeting with our expert to get more info about Validated Cloud. Tell us when and how would you like to be contacted.

We also recommend our Professional Support and Customization plans.

Local Installation

For larger institutions we recommend local installation of sciNote on your private server.

Since sciNote is Open Source, the license is free forever. We do however recommend our Professional Support and Customization plans, that will help you get sciNote up fast and keep it running smoothly.

You can find the latest source code on GitHub. The instructions on setting up sciNote on a local environment are also available there.

To install sciNote, you will need:

  • RAM: 512MB+

  • CPU: At least 2x cores to run both server/worker.

  • HDD: Depends on your needs, but at least 5 GB to install the app and dependencies.

Keep in mind that the more users you have, the better server you need.

Professional Support and Customization

Professional Support:

  • Installation

  • Training

  • E-mail and phone support

  • Updates and maintenance


  • Connecting lab equipment to sciNote

  • Development of custom Add-ons

Schedule a non-obligatory meeting with our expert to get more info about Professional Support and Customization. Tell us when and how would you like to be contacted.

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