sciNote – Free Open Source Electronic Lab Notebook

Easiest way to manage your scientific data


sciNote is a free electronic laboratory notebook (ELN), that not only enables scientists to replace their paper notebook with a digital lab notebook, but offers exciting new possibilities for scientific data management.


From idea to scientific publication – keep track of it all


Whether you are just beginning your scientific career or already have vast experience, sciNote enables you to structure your work into Projects, Experiments and Tasks. With sciNote it is easy to visualize your work progress by creating flexible workflows and obtain complete overview of your research at any point in time.


“sciNote Electronic Lab Notebook is intuitive and beautifully designed.“

Varun Ramraj, PhD, Oxford Genomics Centre


All samples, protocols and results in one place


Connecting your uploaded files to the sample and protocol repositories gives structure and context to your data. This makes it simple to extract the information stored in sciNote and generate comprehensive reports in a few seconds. You can easily print your reports directly out of this online lab book . The powerful search option also allows you to instantly find anything, anywhere, anytime – just type in the keyword.

“I am very impressed. The core system is flexible to accommodate almost any type of workflow and experiment.”

Dr. Shiraz Shah, University of Copenhagen

Electronic lab journal that enhances collaboration


The benefits of using an ELN become much greater when shared among scientists or entire labs that work on the same projects. Within sciNote, you can work on your private projects, share projects with members of your team, invite others to collaborate and even use it to work with your/other students. Each user has their own role with corresponding set of permissions within the team.


Understanding open source software 

sciNote is an open source electronic lab notebook, which means the software code is available on Github – scientists can install it on their servers, maintain it and create new features. We might say that an open source software is independent. Which means that you are not tied to us as a vendor or owner of the software. Even better, the whole scientific community is free to develop add-ons, improve the software and its weak points and maintain it. In a way, this type of software is peer-reviewed. Please note that open source does not mean your data is public – privacy and security of your content is our main priority. As researchers ourselves, we understand that scientific data is the holy grail of discovery. Read more



How do we keep your data safe?

sciNote uses the strongest data security protocols to protect the privacy and integrity of exchanged information. All data is encrypted and transferred over safe connections.

shield-scinote-iconYour Connection To sciNote Server is Secure 

Strong HTTPS protocol (TLS 1.2) guarantees protection against third party security breaches. This way, your data cannot be read or forged by third parties.


shield-scinote-iconPowerful Private Encryption of all Your Data

sciNote uses RSA SSL certificate and strong 256-bit key exchange for secure data transmission. It is a strong private encryption that protects your information.


shield-scinote-iconStrong Cryptography When Transmitting Data

sciNote communicates with external services using safe connections (SSL technologies): Heroku PostgreSQL database (SSL) and Amazon S3 (HTTPS). These are cryptographic protocols that encrypt network connections.


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