Science with compliance.

sciNote Premium provides safe space for your R&D team to collaborate, organize work on projects and manage all your data.

sciNote Premium electronic lab notebook enables you to: 

Manage all projects from one dashboard

No more looking for files on different locations. In sciNote, your lab’s data is traceable, retrievable and organized. You can manage workflows and complex experiments.

Collaborate with your team & partners

In addition to user roles and permissions, sciNote Premium records system activities and detects potential unauthorized access.

Meet CFR 21/11 requirements

sciNote Premium enables electronic signatures and witnessing, advanced audit trails, user management and system log records.

Who is sciNote Premium for? 

R&D Startups

That want to set up a paperless lab and wish to run it efficiently.

CROs and CMOs

That have to organize lab work accros teams, locations and projects.


That need more storage space and extra security for their data.

Why is sciNote more than just a note-taking tool?


Capture research data in an easy and structured way

electronic lab notebook for projects, experiments and tasks


Tag team members and resources for complete traceability

smart annotations and comments in sciNote -1

Automatically generate detailed project reports

Manage lab resources and track their use

What do you get with sciNote Premium?



 Custom number of user licences

 Unlimited number of teams

 Advanced user management & permissions

 CFR 21/11: Electronic signatures and audit trails

 Multiple repositories to manage lab resources

 Possibility of custom integrations

Premium Support

 Consulting based on your lab’s unique needs 

 Designated key account manager

 Onboarding and online training for your team 

 Technical software support

Hosting & storage

lab management projects icon grey - 1 Hosted on a private server

lab management projects icon grey - 1 Possible local installation

lab management projects icon grey - 1 1 TB of storage (can be upgraded as needed) 

lab management projects icon grey - 1 Regular updates & maintenance

 Download pdf – sciNote functionalities overview:

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Summary of a sciNote Premium offer:

  • Per user pricing & your personal instance (
  • 1TB of data storage per instance (can be upgraded as needed)
  • Unlimited number of teams & advanced user management
  • CFR 21 /11 compliance related functionalities
  • Premium support and a designated key account manager

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