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ELN knowledge

From understanding IT terms to return of investment, if you want to learn more about implementing an electronic lab notebook in your lab, this category is for you.

scinote inventory management guide

Guide to SciNote’s Inventory Management

1 min read, 7 min video tutorials

It is important to track which samples were used in which experiment. Not only to keep track of your current work, but also to keep reference long-term and even meet specific requirements when applying for grants or patents.

SciNote Releases

Be up-to-date with the latest SciNote features that make your research process even more effortless.

SciNote API integration ELN and LIMS 2019

RESTful API and Why Is It Good for Your Lab? – VIDEO

5 min read, 3 min video

With the latest SciNote upgrade, we’ve released the first version of the RESTful API for SciNote. In this article, I’d like to explain what an API actually means – for those who are not familiar with the technicalities of it – and why it is really good to have one in 2019.

SciNote News

This category brings you the latest news about SciNote, from integrations with other exquisite solutions, to events we are attending, etc.

SciNote at Swiss Biotech Day

SciNote at Swiss Biotech Day 2019

1 min read

Last week Zala Kobe, our Key Account Manager, attended the Swiss Biotech Day, an annual meetup of the Swiss bio­pharmaceutical industry. And Basel, as one of the most vivid cities in terms of biotechnological and pharmaceutical research, development and production, proved to be the ideal location.

Korea Lab 2019

Big Interest in SciNote at Korea Lab 2019

1 min read

For the first time since our launch, SciNote team packed their bags and went to the Far East. More precisely to Korea Lab, the  biggest exhibition for the analytical & laboratory equipment, and biotechnology in Korea. The place where makers, suppliers, specialists for the physics, chemistry and biotechnology industry from all over the world gather to discuss new trends in technology.

Fun in the lab

In this category you will find short, relaxing reads to enjoy after long hours in the lab.

lab equipment and electronic lab notebooks

Which Piece of Lab Equipment Are You? Hilarious Quiz!

 5 min read

Dear scientists, we dare you not to laugh when you see your result of this hilarious summer quiz we created for you!

Find out how your habits in and outside of the lab reflect your personality – are you a spinning centrifuge, the wildcard of the bunch or a clever qPCR cycler, do you have a microscopic eye for detail or bring fiery sparks to the workplace? Find out which piece of lab equipment you are!

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