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Meet the sciNote Team

We are a dynamic group of life science PhDs, software engineers and creative thinkers. We believe in the power of research and the growing desire to explore further. Everything we do is driven by passion and steered by common sense. We believe our brand is a reflection of our company culture, which is built on trust, transparency and kindness, but also responsibility and respect towards the scientific community we belong to.

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The story of sciNote

sciNote has been developed by you – big thinkers from the global scientific community who we met, talked to and worked with. Your input gave us valuable insight into what is needed in the labs. Our vision of the future are labs with reliable, beautifully designed software solutions built to connect and empower the scientists.

sciNote Electronic Lab Notebook was first presented via Kickstarter, where we managed to reach our goal and officially launch this open source electronic lab notebook. A few months later, the team behind sciNote joined forces with Gilson Inc. and created sciNote LLC, which meant the beginning of a whole new chapter in the story of sciNote.

For us, our users are a continuous source of inspiration and growth. Only by working together and adapting to change, we can achieve continuous improvement and create the best open source electronic lab notebook.  

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sciNote Manuscript Writer

sciNote add-on that generates a draft of your scientific manuscript

The research & discover part of your work is exciting, right? How about the moment when you need to sit down and start writing a manuscript from scratch? Manuscript Writer is a sciNote add-on that can generate a draft of your next manuscript based on data you organized and saved in sciNote.


Are you running a lab and teaching students?

As a professor or a PI, would you always like to have detailed overview over your students‘ work? With sciNote, students are in touch with the latest digital solutions that enable them to get used to the good laboratory practice, project management, handling research data and meeting deadlines. 

That is why sciNote is offering Free PIs and Students Plan.

Planting the Digital Forest in sciNote


We believe the future of science should and will be paperless, therefore we set out on a mission to raise awareness for reducing paper waste. Strategic planning, awareness campaigns, and projects to replace paper-based processes are necessary in modern laboratories. For every sheet of paper you save in sciNote, we will award you with one leaf.

The more leaves you collect, the more trees you have a chance to save.

We invite you to join the community and plant the digital forest with us.

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