SciNote Supports the Way You Do Your Research

“I am very impressed. The core system is flexible to accommodate almost any type of workflow and experiment.”  Shiraz Shah, PhD, Biocomputing Core Facility Manager, University of Copenhagen 

Main SciNote features

Efficient digital lab management and all experimental data in one place: from note-keeping to inventory management, reporting and CFR 21 Part 11.

SciNote has you covered. 


Electronic lab notebook (ELN)

Keeps your lab data organized by projects, experiments and tasks.

On your SciNote dashboard you can see the projects you are working on. Within each project are your experiments. Each experiment is then broken down into series of tasks to do.

Inside each task you can add notes & files, and create your protocol. This structure of data enables SciNote to create detailed project reports for you in a couple of seconds.


sciNote is flexible enough to support different types of experiments and processes, while providing the necessary structure to keep your lab data systematically organized at all times. Once your data is in SciNote, you can create full project reports with only a couple of clicks.

SciNote ELN with lab inventory management and product management


experiments, workflows and planning projects in laboratory


Enable you to connect your tasks into a sequence.

This unique functionality enables you to drag and drop your tasks and connect them into workflows.

Every task contains information such as protocol used, results generated and inventory items that were assigned, so you can keep track of your resources.


Connecting the tasks in processes or workflows enables you to visualize every step of your lab work, add due dates to each task and even invite team members who are working on the same project.

Inventory management

Gives you an overview of your lab resources.

SciNote allows you to create your personalized inventories. Import lists of your samples, reagents, instruments, etc. and connect the items to your experiments to track what you used and when.

Columns can be edited according to your needs e.g. if you are using barcodes, simply create a new column. 


Inventory management is an unmissable part of any lab work as it allows you to have a detailed overview of your lab resources as well as track the history of every sample, reagent or instrument. With SciNote you will know exactly when it was used and in which experiments. 


User roles and permissions

Assigns a specific set of permissions to each user for efficient collaboration.

Whether you are using SciNote alone or collaborating with your lab group, your students or even multiple labs on different locations, you can add comments and discuss everything within SciNote.

No need to export data, send it via email and wait for the response.


Every user has their set of permissions within the team and within each project, so hierarchy and access to data is clearly defined.

electronic lab notebook download pdf - smallDownload pdf – SciNote functionalities overview:

electronic lab notebook and inventory management pdf

SciNote add-ons

SciNote offers add-ons with advanced functionalities to meet your lab’s needs.


CFR 21 Part 11

Enables your lab to comply with CRF 21 Part 11 requirements. 

21 CFR Part 11 is FDA’s set of instructions and guidelines about the creation, authentication and maintenance of lab’s digital records.

This SciNote add-on includes electronic signatures, electronic witnessing, audit trails and advanced user management. 


Besides electronic signatures and witnessing, sciNote also maintains audit trails i.e. recorded history of all changes made in the system, records system activities and detects potential unauthorized access to keep your data safe. 

This add-on is included in SciNote Premium Industry Plan

21 cfr part 11 compliance electronic lab notebook SciNote (1)

scientific manuscript writing and reporting

Manuscript Writer

Generates a draft of your manuscript based on the data you saved in SciNote. 

Once your research records are organized in SciNote, Manuscript Writer can generate a draft of your manuscript.

It can create the introduction, materials and methods, results and literature sections of the manuscript.  


Manuscript Writer gathers your data and searches through additional open access references. It then presents it in the form of a manuscript draft thus saving you the initial amount of time you would invest in gathering all your data and arranging it in the right sections. 

The number of drafts differs based on your SciNote Plan


SciNote has been developed in a way that allows it to easily integrate with other systems used in the labs today.


The team behind SciNote has vast software development experience in the BIO-IT field. If you need SciNote to be integrated to LIMS or other software solutions used in your lab, contact:


Starting with SciNote in your lab

Free, Academia and Industry Plans are here to meet your lab’s needs.