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30th November 2017

Scientists start using AI to create drafts of scientific manuscripts

99 drafts of scientific papers have been generated so far by sciNote’s Manuscript Writer launched 3 weeks ago. 

Scientific community started to use artificial intelligence (AI) to produce drafts of scientific papers. In only 3 weeks, 99 files have been generated by the Manuscript Writer – launched on November 7th. 



7th November 2017

sciNote to incorporate artificial intelligence into its electronic lab notebook

sciNote Manuscript Writer is the first add-on of its kind to aid researchers in drafting scientific papers.

Middleton, WI, 7 November 2017: sciNote LLC, the creators of sciNote, the free open source electronic lab notebook (ELN), today announced the incorporation of artificial intelligence (AI) into the platform, becoming the first of its kind. sciNote LLC is the first company to incorporate AI into an ELN. The sciNote Manuscript Writer add-on will allow researchers to generate a draft of a scientific manuscript using data stored by the user on its platform and relevant references.

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