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Our mission is two-fold: first and foremost, we strive to make the Product management team’s vision for SciNote a reality by developing and maintaining SciNote features and improvements, while also ensuring that the code quality and software architecture are kept at a high level. Secondly, we are in charge of servicing SciNote cloud offerings, and are committed to bringing maximum uptime, reliability and availability to your SciNote servers.

Miha Mencin,

Head of Development


Luka Murn,

MSc, Principal Software Engineer

Mojca Lorber,

MSc, Software Developer


Urban Rotnik,

MSc, Software Developer



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Product Management

Product management team’s main goal is to shape SciNote’s product roadmap. We are processing the feedback related to the product from SciNote users as well as internal feedback, combine both with SciNote vision and shape it up into a roadmap. We are tightly collaborating with our Support and Development team.



Matjaz Hren,

PhD, Head R&D


Sasa Trkov Bobnar,

PhD, Product Manager





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Support team’s main goal is to motivate and help our customers achieve SciNote proficiency so that it becomes an indispensable lab tool. We are closely collaborating with our users to work on their use cases and to present their suggestions for improvement to our Product team. We are making sure that SciNote development is a joint effort between the scientific community’s feedback and our Product team’s ideas.

Blazka Orel,

MSc, Head of Support


Blazka Satler,

MSc, Implementation Specialist


Klemen Mezgec,

MSc, Support Specialist



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One of SciNote’s greatest advantages is its team of great people; a team of professionals who strive passionately to empower scientists and their research. One of the main marketing goals is to illustrate how this is done in an everyday life of a researcher through getting unique and high-quality content to you fast, efficiently and as natively as possible. From Stories from Laboratories to SciNote World Tours we have you covered. What motivates us? You and always you.

Jure Kumljanc,

VP of Marketing


Tea Pavlek,

MSc, Content and PR Manager


Dunja Kristan,

MSc, Brand Manager



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SciNote sales team main purpose is to fully understand our customers’ needs and requirements on their day to day research activities, as well as, their overall vision of their future. SciNote sales team is dedicated to provide services and solutions that will bring the most benefits for all our customers.

Carlos Rosas,

VP of Sales


Zala Kobe,

MSc, Business Development Executive


Wade Opperman,

Key Account Manager USA


Damir Handzar,

Key Account Manager EU



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Project Management and Legal Affairs

Erik Kenda,

MSc, Project Manager


Hana Gaber,

MSc, Legal Associate


“My experience with the SciNote team has been very good. Their responsiveness and ability to solve any issues in a timely manner is something that is very important to us.”

– Samuel Munroe, IT Manager, Elstar Therapeutics Inc, USA –


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Note from our CEO

Klemen Zupancic, PhD, CEO


SciNote’s exciting journey began in 2015, the company is a joint venture between BioSistemika LLC and Gilson Inc

At SciNote, we celebrate science and its achievements to help humanity. We believe that science can provide solutions to better understand the challenges we are facing today and will be facing in the future to help save our planet. The complexity of these challenges will require the combined effort of brilliant minds worldwide to work together in a very efficient manner. At SciNote we are helping these scientists be more efficient and are safeguarding the scientific data for future generations of scientists.“ – Klemen Zupancic, PhD, CEO SciNote LLC


We value labs‘ feedback and make it happen 

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Recent SciNote releases based on the feedback from numerous laboratories. 


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