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SciNote is Now Integrated with

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Great news for all SciNote users! SciNote is now integrated with, a collaborative research platform that is taking the process of scientific discovery to the next level by allowing researchers to share protocols, communicate possible corrections and optimize research methods.

Available for every scientist today, this open access repository of research protocols is both free to read and free to publish.

“The motivation for our effort goes back to the beginning of my postdoc at MIT. I spent a year and a half correcting a single step of a microscopy method. It turned out that instead of a microliter of an enzyme we needed 5 and instead of a 15-minute incubation we needed an hour. However, as this discovery was not a new technique but a correction of a previously-published method, I had no way to get credit for this work. More importantly, all of the scientists using this method would either get misleading results or would have to waste 1-2 years re-discovering what I know.” Lenny Teytelman, cofounder of users can now import a protocol from into SciNote in a very simple way.

If you are not using the platform yet, starting is easy. You can create your free account here.

Why is this platform so interesting? brings a lot of value to the scientists. As it is nicely described on their website, the aim of this open access protocol repository is to allow users to:

  • discover and share science methods.
  • create private or public protocols using a rich set of components such as reagents, timers, software packages, datasets and more.
  • create or join research groups on to develop new methods in a collaborative working environment.
  • run protocols and record progress step by step, on the web or mobile devices.

How does it all work?

Once you’re logged in your account, search for a protocol of your interest and click “Export” button. Choose JSON file format from the drop down menu.

exporting the protocol from protocols io

Then go to your SciNote account and open Protocols, which is located in the menu bar. Select between Team Protocols or My Protocols tab and then click “Import” button and select “from file”.

Protocols import into SciNote - 1

Choose a file from your computer and click “Upload”.

upload protocol into electronic lab notebook scinote

After that a preview window of the protocol displays. In the first protocol step, all the basic information of file is included (such as abstract, guidelines, protocol description, publish date, vendor name, etc.) and the rest of the content is arranged between the other protocol steps. To load the protocol into Protocol management, click the “Load” button at the bottom.

protocols io integration with scinote electronic lab notebook

Your protocol also includes the name of the author, usually a person who publishes the protocol at the platform. You can add names of other authors as well.

Enjoy using it!

We are always glad to hear your comments and feedback; all ideas are more than welcome so don’t hesitate to contact us and share your thoughts.

By Tea Pavlek, MSc

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by Umed Boltaev , post on 16 July 2018 |

I have recently started using both system, SciNote and, and both seem to be what I was looking for to streamline my work. Thank you for doing this! I have a question/suggestion. Do you plan to integrate file import into Experiments in SciNote? Protocol layout in has many functionalities and it is quite easy to use through the app during the experiment. I love to check every step I make, and store when I did that step. Alas, SciNote doesn’t have an app, and it is quite impossible to make comments on the phone (keyboard take the whole space, and I can’t see what I typing on SciNote). SciNote UI is great for general overview of projects though. So, I would love if I could import conducted experiments from to SciNote.

by Tea Pavlek , post on 20 July 2018 |

Dear Umed,

Thank you for your feedback and kind words. SciNote and are integrated to some extent as explained in the post above. Our protocol layout might change and improve in the future and thus enable importing of conducted experiments from to SciNote as well. For any additional feedback or questions, we are happy to hear you out.

Best regards from the SciNote Team

by Christian , post on 14 March 2019 |

I tried to export a protocol today as recommended (JSON). However, I get an error message about API integration. Is this step not further supported by

by Blazka Satler , post on 15 March 2019 |

Dear Christian, does not support the export of protocol anymore (JSON). However, you can still export it as .pdf which you can upload in SciNote as a file. We have not been informed about this on time and we are working on possible solutions. The import is also possible from their API directly. We apologize for any inconveniences.

Kind regards from SciNote team