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The Role of Electronic Lab Notebooks in Genomic Applications

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SciNote Team was one of the exhibitors at the qPCR dPCR and NGS Symposium in Freising, Germany. Key opinion leaders from academics and industry gather at this symposium with the aim to keep up with the trends, possibilities and latest research. Electronic lab notebooks are a right fit in the field of genomic applications, such as, quantitative RT-PCR, digital PCR and Next Generation Sequencing.

Handling research data and establishing full traceability can be a demanding process for labs. There is a growing need to find digital solutions that can simplify workflows, experimental setups, protocols, management of sample repositories etc. There is also a need for efficient collaboration among lab members, their external collaborators, even PIs and students. These challenges can be overcome by a new generation of electronic lab notebooks, such as sciNote. sciNote aims to facilitate researchers in synchronizing their style of work with the software they use. It is flexible and provides a reliable structure resulting in efficient data traceability, user permissions and roles, better organization and increased reproducibility.

The role of technology in modern labs, the interoperability between lab instruments and software solutions was discussed at length by Matjaz Hren, Head of R&D at sciNote, at the symposium. During the lecture on “Laboratory automation and data management in diagnostics – ZIKA virus detection and quantification«, he pointed out interesting differences between manual vs automated qPCR-based detection and quantification approach.

“Incorporating an automation platform into the diagnostic protocol allows for accurate standard dilution and assay setup with a significant increase in throughput compared to manual processing. Moreover, integration of data management software with an automation system further increases the throughput and reduces the possibility of user error. More importantly, data management software, such as sciNote, enables full traceability of samples and results, which is critical for accuracy in human diagnostics.“ Matjaz Hren, Head R&D, sciNote LLC.




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