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Optimize Your Research Methods with and SciNote

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Integration between and SciNote now offers even more to the users!

“The broad mission of and SciNote is the same – to save scientists time and make their work more reproducible and efficient. Without a doubt, integration of SciNote and will help to move a little bit closer towards that goal”, Lenny Teytelman, CEO of, explains.

For those who are new to, it is important to know that it is a collaborative research platform which enables researchers to share protocols, communicate possible corrections and optimize research methods. Available for every scientist today, this open access repository of research protocols is both free to read, and free to publish.

At SciNote, we highly value this platform and wanted to offer seamless integration between the two.

“The purpose is to enable you and your team members to keep all research data and all your protocols in one place, organized by projects and experiments; and communicate within the same platform. With the aim to keep it all traceable. If someone leaves the lab, all data is there. Linked, organized, understandable”, adds Klemen Zupancic, the CEO of SciNote LLC.

Therefore, integration with brings in another dimension – access to protocols optimized by a wide network of researchers.

How does the integration work?

In addition to the initial possibility to import your file into SciNote, the integration is now even better!

Both for experienced users and for those completely new to the platform, access to various protocols on the platform is now seamlessly integrated with SciNote.

Simply open the Protocols tab in the main left menu on your dashboard:


Then, choose External protocols: integration

You will immediately see the field to search through

The list of available protocols will appear on the left. The preview of the protocol you select will appear on the right. Then, simply click Import to see how this protocol will be added to your SciNote protocols.

It is easy and efficient. Enjoy using it!


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By Masa Petan

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