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Which Piece of Lab Equipment Are You? Hilarious Quiz!

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Dear scientists, we dare you not to laugh when you see your result of this hilarious summer quiz we created for you!

Find out how your habits in and outside of the lab reflect your personality – are you a spinning centrifuge, the wildcard of the bunch or a clever qPCR cycler, do you have a microscopic eye for detail or bring fiery sparks to the workplace? Find out which piece of lab equipment you are!

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by Desiree Shelley , post on 8 August 2017 |

I love this site

by Luka Zupancic , post on 8 August 2017 |

Any other qPCRs out there? We need to unite in our fight against Old Pipettes! 😀 😀

by Kerry , post on 8 August 2017 |

That quiz was fun, thanks!

by Shahinaz Shalaby , post on 8 August 2017 |

Fantastic…I am a scanning electron microscope!!!!

by patricia , post on 9 August 2017 |


by Nitika , post on 9 August 2017 |

“The Old Reliable” Pipette 🙂

by Mapa_Zilla , post on 9 August 2017 |

I hear you my fellow qPCR, together we stand strong against those old pipettes abominations

by Ruth , post on 9 August 2017 |

What a fun quiz!

by Herlina , post on 9 August 2017 |


by Ruth , post on 9 August 2017 |

Oh boy, that was a fun quiz! I’m a bunsen burner…how’d they know I like to play with fire? 😉

by Bruno Neto , post on 9 August 2017 |

Líquido Nitoken Container. Whats anos interessante site.

by Michael P Jordan , post on 10 August 2017 |

GC/MS, either research grade or table top. An MSD would be okay too. Preferably Agilent, formerly HP.

by Vampyre , post on 10 August 2017 |

I got centrifuge. I’m a paramedical examiner, no longer in the lab, and I use them every day to spin down the specimens I draw. Funny.

by Leia , post on 10 August 2017 |

I wish I could see all the other possible results

by Tea from sciNote , post on 10 August 2017 |

Dear Leia, you can! On this page, below the quiz. You will see how you can access other results in the form of fun designer posters. Enjoy!

by Priya , post on 10 August 2017 |

old pipettes are reliable pipettes!

by Jane , post on 10 August 2017 |

I got autoclave.
Congratulations, you´re an Autoclave! Like a silent vigilante, you undertake your lab´s dirtiest tasks in solitude and ask for nothing in return. This can push you to build up a lot of anxiety inside which keeps you under constant pressure. You work in 15 min intervals after which you need to blow off some steam. You strive to keep your dishes sparkling clean and you never forget to wash hands before leaving the bathroom.

You get along with: Liquid Nitrogen Tank
You can´t stand: Bunsen Burner

by Abs , post on 11 August 2017 |

Me toooo! What does the Bunsen burner and old pipette say?

by IMR , post on 11 August 2017 |

qPCR, I stand strong against old Pipettes! lol so trueeeeee

by Richard J Young , post on 12 August 2017 |

The quiz would not load. And I was hoping to be a centrifuge.

by Tea Pavlek , post on 14 August 2017 |

Hi Richard, it seems to work fine. Can I kindly invite you to try again and let us know if you are still facing issues? Thank you and enjoy the quiz!

by Yogesh , post on 25 November 2017 |


by Erik , post on 16 October 2018 |

I’m a scanning election microscope! And here I am all these years thinking I’m a Gas Mass Spectrometer!

by Jure Vene , post on 20 November 2018 |

Haha, I’m an Autoclave 🙂 Interesting is I can get along with Liquid Nitrogen Tank and can’t with Bunsen Burner 🙂 Urgently have to pass this test to my coworkers to see with whom I am dealing with!

by Divesh , post on 18 February 2019 |

Lol!! I am Scanning electron microscope..

by Asenii , post on 19 February 2019 |

I want to see the statistics. It can provide some insight on what types of “equipment” are more common among the academia

by Pablo , post on 23 February 2019 |

L’azote liquide c’est super dangereux comme moi !!! 😁