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New trends

INTERVIEW: Setting Up New Trends and Facing the Challenges in Life Sciences

Splice has recently visited an international trade show Analytica in Munich, where we had an opportunity to interview Suzanne Restaino, Global Marketing Communications Manager at Gilson Inc. Gilson is one of the leading companies for automation instrumentation and chromatography systems. She shared with us some of the most insightful thoughts on what will happen with life-science laboratories in the future and how will this influence the market of lab automation.

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INTERVIEW: The Future of Laboratories in Digital Era

We asked students coming from different fields of research what they imagine will happen with laboratories in the future and if they think the Internet of Things (IoT) and cloud based solutions will become must-haves for Life Sciences Laboratories. We have gathered some interesting insights from the minds of young generation. Let see what they’ve told us.

Digital tools

My Favourite Digital Scientific Tools

Every time I went to visit some other laboratory, either at a University, Institute or in the Industry, I realized that the tools to manage their research workflows were different to those I was using. I asked myself, is there actually a list somewhere with different tools categorized in a comprehensive order?