ELN Knowledge

From understanding IT terms to return of investment, learn more about implementing an electronic lab notebook in your lab.

  • Scientist using a microscope

Top 8 SciNote Functionalities for Forensic Science Labs

10 min read
From the sample that comes in the lab, to the automatically generated report at the end, an electronic lab notebook (ELN) can help your lab to manage all data in compliance with the highest standards in scientific data management.

  • SciNote Whitepaper Download

SciNote Data Protection White paper

1 min read
For most labs, understanding how their data is being handled is just as important as the set of features a certain software offers and there are various reasons for it – from making sure the data is in good hands to checking various compliance checkboxes.

  • SciNote Workflows

Guide to SciNote’s Inventory Management

1 min read
It is important to track which samples were used in which experiment. Not only to keep track of your current work, but also to keep reference long-term and even meet specific requirements when applying for grants or patents.

  • Scientists discussing work

Paper and Electronic Lab Notebooks Can Work Together

10 min read
Living in the technological era of the 21st century, we could be forgiven for assuming that we live in a primarily digital world. Assignments are written and handed in electronically, personal records are stored digitally, emails and text messages have replaced the handwritten letter.

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SciNote Releases

Be up-to-date with the latest SciNote features that make your research process even more effortless.

  • Export all data - new feature

Exporting All Your Data in A Readable Format from SciNote

2 min read
SciNote Premium Academia and Industry accounts now enable you to export all your projects’ data in a readable format. And it gets even better – all your attachments will also be neatly organized in folders.

  • Zala and Matjaz resenting new SciNote functionalities

[Video] RESTful API and Why Is It Good for Your Lab?

5 min read
With the latest SciNote upgrade, we’ve released the first version of the RESTful API for SciNote. In this article, I’d like to explain what an API actually means – for those who are not familiar with the technicalities of it – and why it is really good to have one in 2019.

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SciNote News

This category brings you the latest news about SciNote, from integrations with other exquisite solutions, to events we are attending, etc.

  • SciNote report from Labvolution 2019

SciNote at LABVOLUTION 2019

1 min read
Previous week, Jure Kumljanc, SciNote’s Vice President of Marketing, headed to Germany to attend LABVOLUTION, where he got a closer look at the latest developments in the field of connected laboratories.

  • SciNote report from Swiss Biotech Day 2019

SciNote at Swiss Biotech Day 2019

1 min read
Last week Zala Kobe, our Key Account Manager, attended the Swiss Biotech Day, an annual meetup of the Swiss bio­pharmaceutical industry. And Basel, as one of the most vivid cities in terms of biotechnological and pharmaceutical research, development and production, proved to be the ideal location.

  • SciNote team at Korea Lab 2019

Big Interest in SciNote at Korea Lab 2019

1 min read
For the first time since our launch, SciNote team packed their bags and went to the Far East. More precisely to Korea Lab, the biggest exhibition for the analytical & laboratory equipment, and biotechnology in Korea.

  • SciNote and Gilson at SLAS 2019

Gilson & SciNote Presented The Connected Lab at PLA 2019

1 min read
Earlier this month, SciNote attended the Paperless Lab Academy, one of the most prominent events for pharmaceutical companies, held in Baveno, Italy. A conference that promotes discussions on strategies and implementation of 21th-century technologies in the laboratory.

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Fun in the Lab

In this category you will find short, relaxing reads to enjoy after long hours in the lab.

  • Thinking of Becoming Your Own Boss?

Thinking of Becoming Your Own Boss?

5 min read
Budgets for science and academic research are being cut all around the world and many people are thinking about alternative careers.

  • 8 Habits of Happy Researchers

8 Habits of Happy Researchers

2 min read
Do you ever feel like your work should be better organized? Are you frustrated when you spend time searching for “lost” samples or results? How many of these happy – researchers’- habits have you already developed?

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