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Experimental Biology 2017 and Trends in Lab Automation

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We love to be at the forefront of the newest trends in lab automation and share our vision with the scientific community. We were one of the exhibitors at Experimental Biology (EB) for the third consecutive time and it’s safe to say we’ll be attending this excellent event next year as well.

EB changes its location in the US from East to West Coast every year and Chicago was 2017’s designated destination. The show was held in the vast McCormick Place and had around 14,000 attendees.

Its main focus is the latest research impacting several life science fields – anatomy, nutrition, biochemistry and molecular biology just to name a few.
Despite great event organization, its diverse audience is still the main reason why we love EB. You can meet almost any type of researcher there – from students and PIs to labmanagers and company representatives.

We love discussing how digital solutions like sciNote ELN can improve their research work and simplify everyday life in the lab.  We were very happy to get all the feedback on sciNote and were even more happy about how positive it was.

We would like to thank everyone who visited our booth – talking to you helps us better understand how we can contribute to more reproducible science.

Our team strives toward creating a digital solution that people will actually like to use, therefore  experiences like these help us on the way towards achieving this goal.

Your sciNote Team


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