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SciNote is a top-rated platform for researchers in academia or industrywho need

electronic lab notebook, inventory management and project management functionalities.

„SciNote is intuitive and beautifully designed.“ Varun Ramraj, Oxford Genomics Centre, UK

Plan & run your experiments  

SciNote organizes your data by projects, experiments and tasks, which gives structure and context to all your experimental data.

Use your notes, excel sheets, tables, checklists or pictures to create print-ready protocols and kick-start your lab work. When you’re done, upload your results.

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“I have found SciNote to be my top choice among the ELNs. I particularly like the workflows in the experiments and the integration with Microsoft Office. The workflow also helps in my teaching of novice scientists. SciNote has set a new standard for the future of data management in the field of medical science.”

– Alexander Sougiannis, University of South Carolina School of Medicine, USA

electronic lab notebook with inventory management and project management

data management electronic lab notebook for R&D

Keep all your data in one place

In SciNote all your data is searchable, accessible and traceable.

Just type in your keyword and it will search through all your projects, experiments, even files and their content to instantly find what you‘re looking for.

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“I believe SciNote is unique in its ability to bring coherence to a lab environment.”

– Rohit Goswami, Harcourt Butler Technical University, India

Reduce time-consuming administrative tasks

No more copy-pasting, flipping through lab notebook pages and writing reports from scratch. 

If you are preparing for a meeting or summarizing results for grant reports, SciNote will generate your printable report in less than a minute.

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“I really enjoy using SciNote. It enables me to keep more accurate records while reducing my overall workload.”

– Mark Zurbrügg, Karolinska Institute, Sweden

Reporting in laboratory electronic lab notebook

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Save time on meetings and emails

In SciNote, you can invite members of your team to collaborate on projects, assign them permissions and roles and notify each other about the latest progress. 

It enables you to post comments, tag and notify team members to speed up lab management, correspondence and delegate tasks.

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“Implementing SciNote in our labs has greatly improved collaboration between our research team members across different departments.”

– Abdelnour Alhourani, University of Stavanger, Norway

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How does SciNote work?

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Read more about SciNote features here.

When you need to organize your experiments, visualize your workflows, reuse protocols, write reports, keep your team informed and more, SciNote has you covered.

How does SciNote keep your data safe?

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SciNote uses the strongest data security protocols to protect the privacy and integrity of exchanged information. All data is encrypted and transferred over safe connections.

scinote functionalities greenYour Connection to SciNote Server is Secure

Strong HTTPS protocol (TLS 1.2) guarantees protection against third party security breaches. This way, your data cannot be read or forged by third parties.

scinote functionalities greenPowerful Private Encryption of all Your Data

SciNote uses RSA SSL certificate and strong 256-bit key exchange for secure data transmission. It is a strong private encryption that protects your information.

scinote functionalities greenStrong Cryptography When Transmitting Data

SciNote communicates with external services using safe connections (SSL technologies): Heroku PostgreSQL database (SSL) and Amazon S3 (HTTPS). These are cryptographic protocols that encrypt network connections.

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 SciNote is being used by researchers at top-rated institutions:

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